Celebrating World Blood Donor’s Day , 2021


Celebrating World Blood Donor’s Day , 2021

Blood donation is the most lifesaving act that every human being contributes after 18th year of his/her life and can contribute this noble act till 55 years in an interval of 04 month. According to Wikipedia, Bangladesh supports 25% of its blood requirement from voluntary donation. But during this pandemic, this blood donation turns into at very Critical for us . But pregnant women, Thalassaemia patient, blood demand remain same..
On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, a day-long blood donation program was organized by the Youth Club of Bangladesh, Dhaka Division. Young people have donated blood spontaneously in the program. Bangladesh Thalassemia Society Hospital has assisted in the implementation of the program.
Let’s donate blood every four months, benefiting both ourselves and others.

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