Enlightening Youth

We want our community to look like peaceful, inclusive and fair. But for often our community can be dangerous and unjust place for most violence occurs in war, conflict and terrorism. Even people are killed three times in non-conflict areas because of racism, hunger, ethnic and cultural diversity. Such violence is conducted by youths due to lack of tolerance, enabled capacity and attitude to different vision. However, question arises “Can youths be peace-builders instead of peace spoilers?” In this context, Youth Club of Bangladesh take an initiative to run a social action project called “Enlightening Youth”. ‘Enlightening Youth’ started their activities since October 25, 2018 with 16 Young Active Citizens.

Enlightening Youth is working with the aim of creating such a young generation, who want to make a change through peace building. Basically it is focusing on achieving (Sustainable Development Goal) SDG16. Enlightening Youth is working to provide leadership qualities, ethical education, counselling and more for the youth to achieve SDG16.

Our Vision:

  • To empower youth for peace building.


  • Arrange workshop, seminars, training for youths in different educational institutes for building their ownership, capability and bring change to their attitude.
  • Set up community meeting with young leaders from renowned social organizations to discuss about the current problems, challenges and opportunities for youth empowerment.
  • Signature campaigns and several surveys are carried out to find out the thought of local people about young generation and take opinion about their expectations from youths.

We highly expect that from our activities we can motivate deviated young people to engage themselves in social activities to promote peace in their own community as peace ambassadors and can create a strong network of youths who are truly encouraged to and self-motivated, skilled to spread social harmony in communities.

Enlightening Youth made a Public survey which is carried out to know the root causes of violence, opportunities, threats solutions for peace building. The survey is ongoing in both online and offline process by using a close-ended questionnaire based on the present situation of youth generation and community problems of Bangladesh.  The survey was started form November 16, 2018 and conducted among 4000 students of several educational institutes.  From the survey few output has been noticed-

People believe that youth are able to bring peace in their community, Political conflict and improper use of social media (Facebook) are the reasons for violence in the society, Peace building can be achieved through youth empowerment. Necessity of morale learning as well as institutional education

Ethics and Political ideologies can be the key factors for the sustainability of social harmony


  • Get Campaign partner UN #act4sdgs
  • Best Social Action Project Champion, 2018

Quick Information


– Total Number of Volunteer:  70+

– Working Area: 1 District

– Name of District: Dhaka

– Launch Peace Ambassador Network Bangladesh (PAN-BD).

Number of Event: 25+

– Category of Event:

Seminar, Workshop, Training of Trainers (TOT), Round Table, Conference, Facilitator Training, Signature Campaign, International Conference etc

– Number of Media Coverage: 50+

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