Glow of Health

A healthy nation can pick any kinds of success but in term of health we are walking backward just for the lack of knowledge. Bangladeshi children also suffer from high rates of micronutrient deficiency, particularly vitamin A, iron, iodine & zinc deficiency. Malnutrition among women is also extremely prevalent in Bangladesh. The nutritional status of Dhaka is a sensitive indicator of health economy & the sustainable development of Bangladesh. Youth Club of Bangladesh we have taken an initiative to create “Micronutrient deficiency awareness in Bangladesh”. Youth Club of Bangladesh basically is working to increase the nutritional status of deprived children as well as mother through training, create awareness by social media, publications etc. We also research on nutrition for enrichment.


Eat Right, Be Bright


  • To work with micronutrient 


  • Best Social Action Project got 2nd Prize, 2018

Quick Information


– Total Number of Volunteer:  20

– Working Area: 1

– Name of District: Dhaka

– Number of Event: 5

– Category of Event: Awareness. Conference.

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