Let’s Fight Against Thalassaemia

YCB’s longest Social Action project “Let’s Fight Against Thalassaemia.”

Today about Thalassaemia in Bangladesh. People, mostly young generation had not had any idea about this critical health issue Thalassaemia, though the main reason of spreading this disease is if partners not get tested Thalassaemia Carrier test before marriage, then their babies will be affected by Thalassaemia. Thalassaemia is the most common genetic disorder in the world including Bangladesh. In recent research we found 10-12% people are Thalassaemia and HB-E carrier. Every year more than 15,000 children born in Thalassaemia. Rate of Thalassaemia patient increase day by day. We can’t treat Thalassaemia properly but we can prevent this disease. That’s why Youth Club of Bangladesh have taken this initiative to create awareness about this burning health issue and named it “Let’s Fight Against Thalassaemia”.

From 2014 to 2020 this project is ongoing throughout 10 Districts of our country. We arranged Seminars, Road Shows, Conference, Awareness Campaign, Radio show, TV shows etc.

The main challenge of our project was unavailability of like-minded organizations, short of specialized hospitals and Government unwillingness to create awareness in this serious health issues. We got Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samity and Hospital as our project Partner. Till 2014 we are working together on this issue, running our activities which giving our society a great impact. Now Government and like-minded organizations are taking this health issues in serious way. 


Our Vision:

Thalassaemia Free Bangladesh.


Our Objective:

– To create awareness about Thalassaemia among Young People.

– To engage youth in our Thalassaemia Movement.

– To engage young people for Blood Donation for Thalassaemia Patient.

– To develop counseling support for Thalassaemia Carrier



378 Seminar and Workshops & Awareness Campaign

80,000 Student Attend on Seminar and Workshops & Awareness Campaign

128 Free carrier detection test

8600 Students got free carrier detection test

09 Special Events

1700+ Patients, Parents, Doctors attend Conference & Symposium

24 Blood Donation Camp

658 Bags Blood Collected, 2500 Donor Data Base 

11 Technical Session

70 Volunteer & 250 Doctors Specially attend Technical Session & Seminar

Quick Information


– Total Number of Volunteer:  600+

– Total Number of Active Citizen:  150+

– Total Number of Non Active Citizens:  450+

– Total Facilitator: 70

– Working Area: 10 District

– Name of District:

Dhaka, Comilla, Narayanganj, Gazipur, Barisal, Pabna, Rangpur, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Mymensingh.

– Number of Event: 550+

– Category of Event:

Seminar, Workshop, Thalassaemia Awareness Campaign,Carrier Detection Test Program, Round Table, Patients & Parents Conference, Facilitator Training, Road Show Rally, Technical Conference, Signature Campaign, International Conference etc

Number of Media Coverage: 250+

Project Managed by:  Arefin Rahman Himel and Project Coordinated by Sanzida Zaman Liza

Thalassaemia Glorious Moments

Our Supports


– Collaboration with BTSH

– Got Registration Form Department of Youth Development at Youth Ministry

– Organized Bangladesh 1st Non-medical Students Conference on Thalassaemia

– Complete a Research on Thalassaemia

– Collaboration with TIF

–  Got fund from Bangladesh Bank through BTSH.

– Visit ISV 2017

– Launch ABC of Thalassaemia Apps

– Established Thalassaemia Carrier Counseling Centre 

– Affiliated with 20 National & International Organization

– As a first Bangladesh got Commonwealth Points of Light Award

– Launch A to Z of Thalassaemia Apps

– Affiliated with Govt. Health Ministry

–  Launch Thalassaemia Tracking System

– Organized International Conference

–  Acknowledgement for Govt.

We would like to thank all of our partners and well-wishers like British Council, Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samity and Hospitals, The Hunger Project Bangladesh, CMUD, Democracy Watch, Wave Foundation Bangladesh, CRDs, Bangladesh Bank, Novartis, DNA Solution, DGHS and Dhaka shishu Hospitals and others. We would like to express our special gratitude to British Council Bangladesh for giving us this inspiration to work for our community, turning us to a social warrior.