In the technological era we think we are very smart to use in technology but not in effective way. Now a day we are using smart gadgets but we are losing a tradition of reading books   and using libraries. This tradition is day by day fading away from the culture. For this reason, we wanted to make change in the society in that part to aware people about Importance of reading books and using libraries to promote our history and culture we are also making a data hub of youth organization. the social action project named “Youth Information Center and Library Bangladesh” recently we changed this project name into “Poruya”.



Creating pathways of information and innovation.


  • To Create awareness and Importance of reading books.
  • Highlighted our history and culture.
  • A perfect knowledge center.
  • Smart and Digital Resource Center.

In project activity we made a survey about “Habit of reading books” on 500+ people their age limit is 18-35. It is hardly to say about survey report that 60% of people have invest their time using social media. We decided that how we can motivate people to reading books, it’s quite hard but we make some plans that Awareness Campaign will help to reach the people

Poruya’s main specialty is Mobile book service. Mobile Book service is a special way to Inspire people to reading books. In this service we select 5 pickup points in Dhaka City. Many people cannot read books and cannot go to library because of time and traffic. In our Mobile Book Service our members can select book as per their choice from our book list. They have to inform us and we provide them the selected book for certain time from our selected 20 pickup points. And we collected the book from the person on those pickup points. There is no service charge applied. Our registered members can get this service.

Besides Online Library Poruya Have structured library. Here Our members can go there and read books with different categories.



  • first prize on Active Citizens Regional Achievers Summit, Dhaka on 10th March ,2018.

In this project we got support from The Hunger Project, Youth Club of Bangladesh, Smart Technologies BD Ltd, CMUD, CMUD Events         

Quick Information


– Total Number of Books: 700+ (Online), 400+ (Offline)

– Stuttered Library: 1

– Working Area: 2 District

– Name of District: Dhaka, Chittagong (Not Start their activity)

– Launch Digital Online Library “Poruya” 

– Website: www.poruyabd.com

– Number of Event: 30+

– Event Category: Awareness Campaign, Quiz Completion, Book  Collection.   

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