Member Recruitment Rangpur

Member Recruitment Rangpur

  • Start: Mar 5th, 2020
  • End: Mar 5th, 2020
  • Time: 09:00 AM- 11:00 PM

Organization Overview:

Bangladesh is a country of huge opportunity. The young of this country can enhance the future development. Youth Club of Bangladesh is formed to explore the confidence and creativity of the youth which can help to form a prosperous nation. It has started its mission by a group of active citizens in August 12, 2013. Youth Club of Bangladesh (YCB) is a nonprofit, non political, volunteer organization led by a group of progressive youth. It is mandatory to empower the youth to create a self-dependent nation and all the members of YCB are enlightened to the motto to build not only their own leading future but also to provide boon to other. “We Can Change Our World” believed by all members of YCB who
committed to form an open platform.

In 2015, YCB was enlisted by Department of Youth Development under the Ministry of Youth & Sports as non-profit, non-political, volunteer organization. YCB believes that youth should be given the chance to take an active part in community development & also decision making of local, national, regional and
international levels for building a better nation as well as world.

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★Recruitment Details: YCB is looking for proactive, energetic, responsible students from any university from Rangpur, Dinajpur & Thakurgaon. This recruitment is not open for all over Bangladesh.

★Recruiting position: Registered Member of YCB

★YCB Membership Eligibility and Guidelines:
1. Age of applicant at the time of application submission will not be less than 18 years.
2. Minimum H.S.C. pass or equivalent .Every YCB Member should strictly practice the following guiding principle:
3. Must agree to abide by the organizational constitution, vision, mission, regulations and all formal notices.
4. Any change in your affiliation, address, status, email, phone or any necessary details must be informed to the YCB authority.

1. YCB Membership
2. Membership of Poruya (an online library)
3. Opportunity to work as a Campus Reporter
4. Training on Branding & Self Marketing
5. Membership of Bangladesh Career Development Network (BCDN)
6. Opportunity to work as an Intern at YCB (based on Performance)
and many more to flourish.

★Selection Procedures:
Step 1: Applicants will be recruited by this program after evaluating the answers. (If you are selected you will get a Email / Phone Call after deadline)

Step 2: Selected Applicant have to face an Interview .(Over Phone)

★Registration is free but finally selected candidates must pay 400/- BDT as the membership fee of YCB. (Yearly Ambassadorship Fee – 300/- + Yearly Poruya Subscription Fee – 100/-)

★Application Deadline: March 05, 2020
★Membership Confirmation Deadline: March 10, 2020
★Members Orientation: March 14, 2020

★Registration Link:

★For any query:
01701568613 (Ammatul Gani)
01850175357 (Md. Shahjalal Samrat)
Email: |

YCB family is eagerly waiting for you.

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